Another Ball game – T A P I X

Tapix is an addictive mobile game that challenges the players finger & eye coordination. Objective of the game is to stack the random moving balls to reach the target. Player taps on the screen exactly when moving balls align with previous row. Easy game to play and definitely very addictive.

* Arcade mode – Track your best time in completing 13 levels
* Expert mode – Unlimited rows. Keep beating your best

If you are interested and want to give it a try, the game’s sis file can be downloaded from the following link : Download and run it on any Nokia touch phone (i.e. N8, E7, 5800, N97. etc) that has 360×640 resolution.

A quick demo to help you get started:

About bbshetty
I have been developing software for over 13 years and have recently been bitten by the “Mobile App development” bug. I have lot of product ideas and spend spare time developing games, applications for mobile device

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